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Common Questions

Do you have Attorneys? 

No, we do not. We have DOJ Accredited Legal Representatives. This is a program through the Department of Justice, not representing the Department of Justice. It essentially means that they are legally able to practice immigration law without the supervision of an attorney.  Accredited Representatives are highly trained and have demonstrated to the Department of Justice that they have the education and experience to provide Immigration legal services. Here is a link to the DOJ's website with more information if you're interested:

Are you required to attend City Life Church to receive services?

No, we don't require people to attend the church to receive services.

Is Immigrant Connection a part of City Life Church?

Yes, Immigrant Connection is a Ministry of City Life. 

Are the services free? 

No, the services are not free. 

Does Immigrant Connection give a discount to those with low income?

Yes, Immigrant Connection has a fee schedule with reduced rates for those with income below the poverty level.

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